VAPORESSO has upgraded the verification code system from the previous 12-digit security code to the new 14-digit security code for better anti-counterfeiting from year 2020. The 2 versions of security code may still be in the market at the same time. Find your security code and follow below to verify

Find the authentic verification code

  • New Version (14-digit)
    on the product packaging box
  • Old Version (12-digit)
    on the warranty card

How to Verify

1. Please enter the 14-digit or 12-digit authentic verification code below:

* Please do not enter more than 5 times, or the code will be invalid.

2. Scan the authentic QR code with your smartphone to get the results:

  • New Version
  • Old Version

    * It will take you to a third-party website
    Please rest assured that it's from our authorized partner

3. Visually check with laser anti-counterfeit label identification instructions

- Turn the label at any angle under the light.
- With different viewing angles, the logo V produces corresponding 360-degree relative and mutual switching.

  • New Version
  • Old Version
Report: Please report potentially counterfeit products to