A Complete Guide to Vape Batteries

Apart from the e-juice, what else could you have in mind that needs to consider when vaping? Well, the power given by the battery should take into serious consideration. How long do vape batteries last and how long do vape batteries take to charge could be the two critical factors to influence your vaping experience. In this article, we will discuss these two factors with some advice on where to buy vape batteries and how to dispose of vape batteries. What’s more, some reference information about the best vape battery of 18650 batteries and 20700 batteries will follow.

What are vape mods?

In general, how long a vape battery can last within one fully charged depends on two main reasons. One is the capacity of the battery itself, and the other is the length and frequency of use of the device. For those devices with an OLED screen on their mods, you can accordingly read the power left so that you could estimate till when the next charging required. For others that don’t equip the screen, you could check through the battery indicators or the amount of vapor.

However, many other reasons could affect battery life permanently, such as the Completeness of battery wraps, battery selection, battery case, battery charging habits, and the environment.

The battery wraps

The battery wrap is the protective layer closest to the battery itself, which can effectively prevent short circuit and power leakage. If your battery’s cover is damaged, please do not hesitate to use the new one to rewrap your battery. You could go to the local vape shop and ask for assist.

Using the right batteries

In addition to those that use built-in batteries, it is crucial to choose the right replaceable batteries for your beloved vaping devices. There are various batteries out there in the market designed for a different types of devices. Some batteries are perfect for the Sub-ohm; some are suitable for the low wattage vaping while some should keep away from your device. When spending money on your batteries, please check the spec requirement of your device first, and make the investment right.

It is worth noting that we highly recommend you to purchase the batteries from the licensed vaping shop or e-shop. Products from other unidentified channels can’t ensure the quality, which could be quite dangerous. Also, if you have any related inquiries, you can get an instant reply from the staff to save lots of time and trouble.

Use battery cases

Just like we need to get a place to stay after work, the battery also needs a space to store after use, and we are not talking about a fancy box. The humble battery only requires a small plastic box that could fit it in, which’s price wouldn’t go beyond two bucks.

Having a solid box that can provide essential protection to batteries is quite necessary. When your battery is idle, you may want to put them in a bag. If there are other metal parts in your bag, it is likely to cause a short circuit or break the battery wrap under the circumstance of unboxed. Even more frightening is that short-circuited batteries can catch fire and cause more severe damage.

Don’t leave your batteries charging unattended

Sometimes it’s straightforward to forget that your batteries are still under the state of charging, but try not to do this often. Battery capacity will drop if it’s usually charged for a long time. Meanwhile, even if you had a qualified battery charger, it can’t guarantee safety forever. There might be the possibility of an electrical accident due to external factors such as voltage overload or short circuit.

Another piece of advice is that it would be better to buy a dedicated charger to charge your battery instead of using your mod directly. It won’t cost you a lot, but it will save you a lot by giving your battery a smoother charging.

Don’t over-drain your batteries

Overworked is terrible for our human beings, and so do the batteries. Please charge your battery before you have entirely used up it; otherwise, the batteries will lose their capacity, especially the lithium-ion batteries.

Pay more attention to your device’s screen, battery indicator, or the vapor amount during the vaping. When the power left reached a low level, please stop using the device and get your battery charged. In this way, it can extend the battery’s life and increase the amount of the using cycles.

Avoid extreme temperatures Use married batteries

Sorry for keeping imitating the battery as our humanity, but that’s the way it is. The battery has its tolerance limits to many conditions, including the temperature. Please put away your curiosity about testing your batteries’ limitation of temperature. Batteries will age faster when placed in the high-temperature environment while they will drop their power capacity in a cold place, sometimes the damage is for permanently.

The best place to store your batteries is the place where you will get comfortable, like a dry corner of your room without the sunshine irradiating directly. Also, if you are a regular driver, please keep it in mind that not leaving your batteries in the car. The inside temperature of the vehicle could reach a super level, then a potential explosion could follow.

Regarding the dual batteries device, please use the same batteries instead of mixed ones, and always keep them married. Married batteries could have the same amount of power left so that you can avoid imbalanced capacity, the difference in performance, or overcharge.


How long do vape batteries take to charge based on the following status.


The first one would be your battery’s capacity, the bigger the capacity your battery has, the longer it will take for a full charge.


Secondly, the charger you adopt will affect the length of charging significantly. Nowadays there are lots of chargers or even the mods in the market have the ability of quick charging, so in this way, it could save you lots of time to charge. But still, some devices need almost 2 hours to finish the charging, especially the big device.


Thirdly, the health condition of your battery matters. If you somehow fail to keep your battery nicely, the charging time will become longer, and its durability within one fully charged will be shorter.


Last but not least, please check the national standard voltage output of your current location.



There is nothing wrong with saving the budget. However, you got to spend your money on the right batteries instead of cheap but fake ones. So please visit those licensed e-cigarette shops to purchase the batteries, or the electronics section of the shopping mall, in this way to keep your device and yourself safe. Plus, you can get a warranty from these formal channels while the dark market can give you nothing but a potential damaged to your devices.


Regarding the dispose of old vape batteries, it’s a critical issue to our environment. Hence, please do not ditch the old batteries randomly, discard them into a dedicated trash can with the battery recycling icon. The sanitation workers could recycle and dispose of the old batteries properly.




18650 Batteries


So far, the 18650 batteries are the most common spec our vaping devices adopt. The 18650 batteries have a long history to prove their durability, reliability, and practicality, but the premise is that you must buy these batteries in reliable channels.


The ideal size and reasonable capacity are the main reasons why 18650 batteries welcomed by the most vaping devices. It can come with single, dual, or even triple to work, which depends on the power requirement from the specific device.


Below are some recommendations for 18650 batteries:


20700 Batteries


Literally, the 20700 batteries have more power capacity than the 18650 ones. The 20700 batteries can have a longer supporting to the vaping device, or allow the device to have higher voltage output. Not only that, but the mighty 20700 batteries are also suitable for many other electric tools, even vehicles. However, as the size of 20700 batteries will be bigger, so we need to consider the adaptability before purchasing.


It’s worth noting that currently there are many confuse between 18650 batteries and 20700 batteries. Some are simple mistakes, while some are confused on purpose. That’s why we have prepared some of the best choices for you to check: